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Meeting Serena Wallace

Serena Wallace admits to being a bit unsure when her minister first asked her to consider T2Women for 2017. Let’s meet Serena and see how she is finding it now.


Alison began one to one ministry as a minister’s wife who saw that women’s ministry ‘events’ were not having much impact on making and growing disciples of Jesus in her church. In this interview she shares how she has grown her skills in one to one, particularly for outreach, and how the flexibility of one to one has made it suitable for all seasons of life. Now she says: “I love the way one to one Bible reading enables women to see that they can understand the rich truths of God’s Word & that His Word speaks straight into their lives, needs & longings. Minds are renewed & lives transformed for eternity & God’s glory, when the Scriptures are opened up.”


Liz is a woman who works a four-day week so she can meet with other women to read the Bible one-to-one every Friday. In this interview she tells us how giving up a day of paid work each week has been valuable to her Christian life.

If you’re in a position to dedicate a day per week to discipleship in your church and being trained for this through T2Women, drop me a line or give me a call to discuss. Likewise if you are a minister who would like to see women in your being equipped and enabled to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus.


One to one Bible reading isn’t just for those in professional ministry or those with spare time on their hands. Let’s meet Kathryn who made a number of life changes so she could meet with other women to read the Bible and then was helped by her Bible reading through some of life’s unplanned changes. This is yet another woman who has inspired me by her love for the Word, her faithfulness and her godly example.