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When I started my first full-time ministry position post college, Julie was one of those older women at the church who immediately gave me that sense of ‘we are sisters-in-Christ and we doing life together’. When I think of what I want to be like ‘when I grow up’, Julie 
encapsulates it! Becoming a Christian later in life has not slowed Julie down in using her gifts and life experiences for God’s glory and his kingdom. Tell me if you know of any other woman who started her missionary ‘career’ in her seventies! Let’s meet Julie:


A few months ago I had the very great privilege of staying with Rosemary Thorburn and her husband Tim in Perth. Rosemary has been meeting with women one to one for a few decades now across a variety of contexts, so I thought I would ask her about it. Here are some of her highlights challenges and tips.


I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire Fairlie and how grateful to God I am for bringing her into my life. We were at church together for the past seven years; when I was between houses she put me up in her spare room and when I started T2Women, she was one of the first women to sign up, despite her many years experience as a missionary kid, a missionary and as a minister’s wife. Her humility and her desire to make Jesus known in every circumstance is an example I could not let go unnoticed.

A suggested program for your T2Women’s group

Suggested timing for training mornings: 10:00-10:30    Bible talk and discussion (1Timothy in first year, 2Timothy in second year) 10:30-10:45    Prayer triplets: praying specifically for our 4 women. 10:45-11:15    Morning tea 11:15-12:00     Training Topic.   Semester 1: six meetings (3 per term) Date Training Topic School Term 1 Wk 2 One to One: David Helm book Some […]

Finding your four women

When considering who your four intentional gospel relationship should be with, there are two ways you can approach finding them. The first is to start with who you already know and think about which category they fit into. Find one person for each category and start being more intentional in your relationship with them. Eg […]