What does a T2Woman do?

The primary focus is on one-to-one ministry (reading the Bible with one other woman) in a variety of contexts with the intention being that you will have 4 women that you are ‘pastorally responsible’ for, for each 6-8 hours of ministry that you commit to.

Of these 4 women:

  • one will be a non Christian woman that you are praying for opportunities to share the gospel with
  • one will be a new woman you meet at church and are aiming to connect into the life of your church
  • one will be a Christian woman you are meeting with to read the bible and encourage them in their Christian growth
  • one will be a woman who is serving in another area at your church (e.g. a youth group leader, Sunday school teacher, music team leader).

You may only be meeting with two women on a regular basis, but you will have two others that you are praying for and being intentional in your relationship with.

Why two years?

It is recommended that someone undertake T2Women for two years to allow the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of first year and to grow in confidence by doing everything again in second year. The option is there to finish at the end of first year, but the standard program is two years.

Why a minimum of six hours?

To make the T2Women training worthwhile for both the trainer’s time and the T2Woman’s experience, a minimum of six hours per week would be required. This allows for 2 x 1.5 hour meetings for one-to-one relationships (‘grow’ and ‘serve’), plus extra time for meeting with the other two women.

Couldn’t I just meet with one woman to read the Bible?

That would be fantastic! But it wouldn’t be T2Women. We would love to see every person at church meeting up with one other person to read the Bible.

What makes T2Women different is taking the opportunity to meet with a few women at different stages of Christian maturity.

The T2Women trainer will be encouraging their T2Women to be meeting with 4 women for each 6 hours they commit to T2Women.

Why does T2Women focus on one-to-one ministry?

There are many benefits of concentrating on one to one ministry, but the two main reasons are:

  • It concentrates on God’s word, getting to know Jesus better and letting His Word shape your life. It is not based on you needing to know the solutions to other people’s problems or being their mentor, nor is it based on you coordinating big events or group activities.
  • It is a flexible ministry, where meeting times/place etc can be changed at the last minute if a child is home from school sick or there is another emergency.

Can I still lead a Bible study group or teach scripture or (insert another ministry here)?

Yes, depending on your time availability. You will be committing to a minimum of 6 hours with T2Women, plus your regional training meetings with the team and your 8 one-to-one meetings with your trainer. Women who are already working in a non-church job 2-3 days per week may find anything extra to T2Women would be too much, but some women will be freed up to do more ministry on top of their T2Women commitments.

Discuss your time with your trainer. Remember that for mums doing T2Women, we want to encourage your ministry to your congregation at home, so we want to help you set realistic amounts of external ministry on top of that.

What happens after the two years?

Ideally we would love for trained T2Women to keep meeting one-to-one with women and continue ministering in their churches. Where T2Women has sparked a desire for further training in a more formal capacity, options can be considered such as the ADM ministry apprenticeships with training through Mary Andrews College.

What will be covered in the training times?

Training will cover topics such as:

  • Getting started in one to one ministry
  • Being intentional at church
  • Ministry to individuals
  • The Bible overview
  • Personal evangelism
  • Understanding particular books of the Bible

During group training times there should also be opportunities to share and pray together about how you are going on T2Women.

What will a trainer and T2Woman do during their one-to-one meetings?

We will be producing a booklet with the text of Titus for the trainer and T2Woman to work through together over their meeting times. These meetings will also be an opportunity for the T2Woman to ask for advice regarding pastoral concerns, biblical content or their own personal growth. The trainer and T2Woman would also pray together.

What is the expected time commitment for T2Women?

We want to encourage each woman to set aside:

  • A minimum of six hours per week
  • 4 regional training meetings per year
  • 8 one to one meetings with a trainer per year (face to face or via skype)

This commitment would be for an initial one year period, with the general expectation of continuing onto a second year.