What is T2Women’s training?

T2Women’s training is an opportunity to be trained in ministry for women who need more flexibility than a standard ministry apprenticeship or Bible college course can offer.

Who is T2Women for?

Mums in the paid workforce less than 3days/week.Women without children working in the paid workforce up to 4days/week. ‘Empty nest’ women working less than 3days/week. Retirees.

Goals of T2Women

The primary goal of T2Women is to equip and enable regional women to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus, in an achievable and flexible format, recognizing their time and location limitations.

What does it involve?

The primary focus of T2Women is one-to-one ministry in a variety of contexts. Each T2Woman meets with other women to read the Bible and encourage them to know Christ and grow in their faith.

How do I get involved?

Step 1 – Talk to the leadership at your church about T2Women and your potential involvement.