One of the key goals of T2Women is to train women in the wonderful personal ministry of one to one Bible reading. This is a ministry that can seem so small and yet it can have such a huge impact on individuals, churches and communities. By deliberately setting up one to one relationships based around opening God’s Word together and letting Him speak into our lives, we develop deeper and richer relationships with God and with one another. This helps us to minister to one another in the joys, challenges, struggles and mundane of every day life.

To help us get a feel for what one to one ministry can be like, I am starting a set of interviews with women who have been doing one to one ministry unpaid/paid, full-time/part-time/spare-time over many years. To my mind, these women are often the ‘unsung heroes’ of our church communities. I hope their stories inspire you as much as they have inspired me!

If they do inspire you and you would like to be trained in one to one ministry, please drop me a line.

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Meeting Serena Wallace

Serena Wallace admits to being a bit unsure when her minister first asked her to consider T2Women for 2017. Let's meet Serena and see how she is finding it now.

Meeting Lauren Cox

Lauren Cox is one of the T2Women for 2017. I caught up with Lauren at her home church a few weeks back. Here's what she says about herself and her hopes for T2Women.

Meeting Helen Hill

It's time to start meeting the T2Women for 2017! First up is Helen Hill from Albury Bible Church.


Alison began one to one ministry as a minister's wife who saw that women's ministry 'events' were not having much impact on making and growing disciples of Jesus in her church. In this interview she shares how she has grown her skills in one to one, particularly for outreach, and how the flexibility of one to one has made it suitable for all seasons of life. Now she says: "I love the way one to one Bible reading enables women to see that they can understand the rich truths of God’s Word & that His Word speaks straight into their lives, needs & longings. Minds are renewed & lives transformed for eternity & God’s glory, when the Scriptures are opened up."