One of the key goals of T2Women is to train women in the wonderful personal ministry of one to one Bible reading. This is a ministry that can seem so small and yet it can have such a huge impact on individuals, churches and communities. By deliberately setting up one to one relationships based around opening God’s Word together and letting Him speak into our lives, we develop deeper and richer relationships with God and with one another. This helps us to minister to one another in the joys, challenges, struggles and mundane of every day life.

To help us get a feel for what one to one ministry can be like, I am starting a set of interviews with women who have been doing one to one ministry unpaid/paid, full-time/part-time/spare-time over many years. To my mind, these women are often the ‘unsung heroes’ of our church communities. I hope their stories inspire you as much as they have inspired me!

If they do inspire you and you would like to be trained in one to one ministry, please drop me a line.

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Liz is a woman who works a four-day week so she can meet with other women to read the Bible one-to-one every Friday. In this interview she tells us how giving up a day of paid work each week has been valuable to her Christian life. If you’re in a position to dedicate a day per week to discipleship in your church and being trained for this through T2Women, drop me a line or give me a call to discuss. Likewise if you are a minister who would like to see women in your being equipped and enabled to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus.


One to one Bible reading isn’t just for those in professional ministry or those with spare time on their hands. Let’s meet Kathryn who made a number of life changes so she could meet with other women to read the Bible and then was helped by her Bible reading through some of life's unplanned changes. This is yet another woman who has inspired me by her love for the Word, her faithfulness and her godly example.


When I started my first full-time ministry position post college, Julie was one of those older women at the church who immediately gave me that sense of ‘we are sisters-in-Christ and we doing life together’. When I think of what I want to be like ‘when I grow up’, Julie 
encapsulates it! Becoming a Christian later in life has not slowed Julie down in using her gifts and life experiences for God’s glory and his kingdom. Tell me if you know of any other woman who started her missionary ‘career’ in her seventies! Let’s meet Julie:


A few months ago I had the very great privilege of staying with Rosemary Thorburn and her husband Tim in Perth. Rosemary has been meeting with women one to one for a few decades now across a variety of contexts, so I thought I would ask her about it. Here are some of her highlights challenges and tips.