Background to the idea

In my experience as the women’s pastor at both Christ Church Gladesville (2005-2008) and Crossroads (2009-present), I have met many ministry minded and godly women who would like to be involved in ministry in their churches, but due to various reasons (eg family, location) they are not able to commit to external training. Unfortunately, churches do not generally have a ‘pathway’ for these women to be trained for Christian ministry and service and simply offer a vague ‘helping out around here’.

Many of these women then loose the joy and privilege of ministry based around God’s Word as they get involved with administrative tasks and organising events.

Additionally many of these women lack confidence in their ability to handle God’s Word.

I wanted to create a program that would equip women with:

  • A trainer to assist with confidence
  • Flexibility to take into consideration family and work commitments
  • Structure and achievable goals to ensure women know what is expected of them and what they are committing to.
  • A word based ministry that impacts women’s lives in a personal way, equipping them for evangelism as well as Christian growth.

What distinguishes T2Women from other traineeships

T2Women is primarily for women in regional locations who would not be able to attend classes in Sydney. Through less formal regional training days, women would still be provided both the opportunity to meet with a trainer and the opportunity to receive some structured biblical and pastoral training, but she would not be studying towards an official certificate or diploma at this stage.

T2Women is aiming to take women from the initial stages of interest in ministry to building their confidence in handling God’s Word well, so that they may consider more formal training after 1-2 years.

In many ways, T2Women could be a stepping stone towards other traineeships especially where training courses are being offered by correspondence or online.

Reason for this proposal

T2Women came under the MTS umbrella in 2012 as one of their ‘types of apprenticeships’. The idea has been promoted at conferences like Priscillia & Aquila; EQUIPmin and MTS Challenge/SPUR/Mission Minded as well as through the MTS website.

A dedicated director/trainer is now required to take the enthusiasm for the idea that has been shown by both male and female ministers and make it a real possibility for them in their churches.

This will include providing face-to-face training in regional centres as well as writing curriculum materials; providing forums for discussion and generally promoting the idea within churches.

MTS are not in a position to take this idea further as they are streamlining back to traditional apprenticeships. T2Women would benefit from the backing of a ministry dedicated to the training and resourcing of women for ministry in churches.

T2Women & the Goals of ministry grants

a) to develop evangelical theological education and scholarship by women;

By training women over a 1 or 2 year period, T2Women will help women gain their confidence in handling God’s Word and encourage them to consider further study either directly after their training or when their life situation permits.

b) to support projects developing Sydney, national and international leadership of evangelical women;

T2Women aims to train up women in regional centres who do not have ready access to the Bible colleges and training centres found in Sydney.

These women will become the primary leaders of evangelical women in rural and country areas where it is unlikely that a women’s pastor could be afforded for the staff team.

c) to develop works of compassionate care and mission support within Sydney and beyond;
The one to one discipleship nature of T2Women across the four areas of ‘reach, connect, grow and serve’ allows for personal contact between women that builds communities in which they live.Compassionate care would come in the reach and connect areas, as T2Women seek to develop a one to one relationship with migrants, neighbours, people in need to read the Bible with them and show them Jesus love. Mission support would come in the ‘serve’ area as a T2Woman could meet with someone serving in mission for their ‘serve’ one to one.

d) to seed fund the development and growth of strategic Gospel ministries among women in Sydney, nationally and internationally;

T2Women is particularly strategic as it not only trains women in basic discipleship, but it encourages them to have 4 intentional relationships across 4 key strategy areas:

Reach – encourages the women in evangelism

Connect – encourages the women to be intentional in helping new people connect into the church community.

Grow – encourages healthy peer Bible reading relationships that apply the gospel deeply to each other’s lives.

Serve – encourages someone else serving in ministry to help them persevere and multiply.

e) to support innovative projects which equip and deploy Christian women for ministry in Sydney and beyond.

A major goal of T2Women is equipping Christian women for one to one ministry in a variety of contexts.

There is interest in the program from churches in Sydney where Women’s Pastors could adapt and run the program. This proposal however is for the development of resources and for a trainer who can run the T2Women training in a regional centres.