“Through the T2Womens training I was able to ask a school mum friend to read a gospel with me. This was both scary and exciting, but it was great to meet with the other T2Women to share and pray about this opportunity.

I also met with a younger woman who was serving in our evening congregation. This was a real encouragement to both of us and we went from not knowing each other, to me reading the Bible at her wedding.”


“One of the things I loved about doing T2 Women was learning to be more purposeful in the way that I spend time with people – helping them think about where they really are at in their lives and helping them take the next step with God. But the biggest thing for me was learning to really trust God’s word and see that it is enough. It is enough for those of us who already know Jesus and it’s enough for those who don’t yet know him. Courses and special programs are great in some places, but God’s Word is really all that we need and that was a wonderful thing to be lead to trust in.”


“The T2Women Bible studies helped me to keep focussed on Jesus and the gospel of His Kingdom, and challenged me to minister in the way the Scriptures teach.

The articles we studied in T2 (eg from the Briefing) helped me grow ways of applying Biblical truth in different life situations that I or the women I met with were experiencing.

The sharing in T2 meetings meant that those who were having fruitful experiences could encourage those who were facing difficulties, so we could praise God together and pray for each others’ ministries.”