What does a T2Woman do?

The primary focus is on one-to-one ministry (reading the Bible with one other woman) in a variety of contexts with the intention being that you will have 4 women that you are ‘pastorally responsible’ for, for each 6-8 hours of ministry that you commit to.

Of these 4 women:

  • one will be a non Christian woman that you are praying for opportunities to share the gospel with
  • one will be a new woman you meet at church and are aiming to connect into the life of your church
  • one will be a Christian woman you are meeting with to read the bible and encourage them in their Christian growth
  • one will be a woman who is serving in another area at your church (e.g. a youth group leader, Sunday school teacher, music team leader).

You may only be meeting with two women on a regular basis, but you will have two others that you are praying for and being intentional in your relationship with.